Balaji Plastic Founded by Ramesh Aggarwal in 1990

Balaii Plastic is a leading manufacturer and supplier of PP Granule, PPCP Granule, ABS Granule, HIPS Granule, GPPS Granule. We are committed to offer our clients quality products. The 33 years old enterprise incepted and envisaged visioned in 1990 to provide alternative to conventional methods of plastic manufacturing have created an environment of producing sustainable plastic products granules. Balaji now as a leading manufacturer, supplier and trader of plastic granules and recyclable plastic compound offers unique characteristics through its products and services.

Plastic Dana Supplier in Delhi

Supplier of seamlessly engineered PP Granule, ppcp Granule, ABS Granule. Serving industries involved in making Cooler, ACP Sheets, Auto Engineering Component, Plastic Chairs, Crates, Pipes, Palette and others. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and excellent engineering expertise in an environmental friendly location known for perfect finishing, compact density and cost-effectiveness.

Quality Products with Lab Test

Best for Auto Part Industry


Our team are professional, approachable and patient with great training and Support systems. Our point of Sale module has allowed greater flexibility in the retail business.

  • BALAJI PLASTIC ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company